A safe and secure shelter is all that you require when you are fishing. ACF editor Tim Hodges looks at the 60in Solace HD oval brolly from Wychwood.

I really like the freedom that fishing under an oval gives me. I find that I am far more inclined to move on to fish because it is far easier and quicker to pack away than a bivvy.

The Solace HD is made from Extremis HD 10,000mm hydrostatic material, which is waterproof and very durable. The ribs are made from very strong fibreglass, four of which touch the floor when set up, making it very stable when pegged down.
It’s supplied with a host of extras, including two storm poles and four storm caps, a heavy-duty groundsheet and heavy-duty tent pegs.

The 60in size gives you ample room for your bedchair, with plenty of space behind it for all your ancillary bits of kit that we tend to carry around.

If you are likely to fish in severe weather conditions there is an overwrap available that makes this a very substantial brolly system indeed. The overwrap is sold separately.

If you are a very mobile angler or like to do quick overnighters then the Solace HD is well worth having a look at.

This is a very well-made piece of kit that is extremely stable, with ample space for all your kit.

Price: £139.99

Website: www.wychwood-carp.co.uk