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Evolve Your Spod Mix

Kev Hewitt has found success improving the pulling power of his spod mixes on busy day-ticket waters. Here’s how he did it.

Having fished the likes of Linear Fisheries over the last decade, I have noticed how the angling has developed into a certain style. Most anglers now adopt this style of three rods on the same spot and spod a mix of bait over the top. For years my mainstay baiting approach has been sweetcorn, hemp and my choice of boilies at the time. This mix has been hugely effective but, thanks to all the media coverage on Linear, it has become the standard fodder for every angler on the lake and it means that you have to make your bait stand out when fishing in this manner. 

Spod Success
 PIC 01 acf april
By soaking the bait for an hour before fishing, the Krill Micromass leeches into the mix creating an attractive liquid that will pull fish in from multiple layers of the water column.

I have evolved my spod mix further by adding ingredients that give it a brilliant signature smell. The main new ingredients have been the Krill Micromass from CC Moore, a unique bait that I have trialled for some time. Firstly I used PVA bags of it to see how it fared. After numerous good hits on runs waters, I decided to start integrating it into my spod mix. All you need to do is add a couple of handfuls. 

Secondly, I add Pacific Tuna pellets. Once these are soaked for an hour they release lots of attraction into the mix. The cloudy liquid that forms smells terrific and the Micromass really infuses the whole mix with its unique smell. I am not saying that you should replicate my mix but by doing the same thing as everyone else you should expect the same results, so do something different. 

In five nights I have landed two thirties and some other fish. This is with a lot of anglers using the same hemp and boilie approach. I haven’t caught a fish under 20lb. Hopefully I will land one of the real brutes in the near future.

bucket left acf july
01 - Krill Micromass
This adds a fishy attraction element to the spod mix. After soaking a couple of handfuls of this stuff in the bucket overnight the oils released transform the mix.

02 - Hemp
A legendary carp bait and a brilliant base to the mix. It will hold fish in the area for long periods, keeping them rooting out every last morsel. One of the best carp baits of all time.


03 - Boilies
The Pacific Tune are Kev's favoured boilies. They also get the fish accustomed to picking up bigger bits in the mix, such as the hook bait, making them easier to catch.


04 - Corn
Sweetcorn adds a visual aspect to the mix that the carp love. It is highly digestible too, making it great to keep the fish returning. It also gives you another hook bait choice.


05 - Pellets
Pacific Tuna pellets are Kev's choice for their smell and brilliant nutritional content. He likes to add these just before baiting to prevent them breaking down in the mix.


Cloud Effect
PIC 04 OILS IN BUCKET acf july

In five nights’ fishing Kev has landed two thirties and numerous twenties when adopting this method on Linear Fisheries Manor Farm, despite the fishing being slow. 

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