Monday, 13 February 2017 14:14
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SOLAR TACKLE P1 Stainless Bankware

“the solar p1 hardware is built to the highest specifications.”

With its heritage in producing stainless bankware, we were more than interested in the new P1 range.
The precision-engineered Solar P1 hardware is built to the highest specifications and features a number of improved and new technologies.

The range builds upon the successful Pozi-Loc and Taper-Loc features, which provide a screwless adjustable system that doesn’t suffer from twist. Pozi-Loc collars on the buzz bars ensure alignment when tightening on the alarms. All the adjustment collars are finished with five-spoke, diamond-knurled grips, which are easy to grip and adjust.

Alongside the high-quality stainless, the range is finished with 1k carbon detailing, which in combination with the screwless design gives the range a unique and streamlined finish. The bankstick stabiliser is a particularly interesting design, featuring two knuckle joints. This allows it to be set up wide, narrow or straight for ease of storage.

The mini Centre-Loc adjustable back rests also look fantastic, allowing you to change their tightness in different situations.

The Verdict - Stylish and well-made bankware.

The Numbers: Banksticks from £20.99 Buzz bars from £45.99 Accessories from £19.99

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