Sport needs your input to help give guidance for the future.

Anglers across England and Wales are being offered the unique opportunity of having our say on the issues that affect our sport.

Angling’s governing body, the Angling Trust, is working alongside the Environment Agency to carry out the largest survey or freshwater and sea anglers ever seen in the UK, and they need you to take part.

The survey can be completed online in around 10minutes. The aim of the survey being to help build up a picture of anglers and angling in England and Wales along with finding out what the real issues are that most affect anglers. The information gathered through the survey will give the powers that be the best chance of tackling these issues for the sport, as well as the guidance to help increase participation of the sport and improve the quality of fishing available.

Running until the end of August the survey will form part of the a National Angling Participation Plan due to be launched this autumn during an Angling Summit attended by Fisheries Minister, Richard Benyon.

“As anglers we are great at coming up with excuses for bad days and poor catches but we are less active in pressing the powers that be for solutions,” said Chief Executive of the Angling Trust, Mark Lloyd.

“This survey is an opportunity for anglers to tell us and the Environment Agency about the things that are important to them. They might be issues with access, poaching, predation, pollution or a lack of affordable local places to take youngsters fishing. Whatever matters to anglers matters to us. The survey will help us prioritise our campaigns and programmes of work to improve fisheries, increase fish stocks and deliver more angling participation. It only takes ten minutes to complete, but its results will benefit angling for many years to come.”

To take part in the survey and have your say, click here