We check out the Berkley Connect + range, which offers a myriad of main line options to the dedicated carp angler.

Berkley is regarded as a legend of the fishing line market for producing braid, monofilament and fluorocarbon for bream all the way up to shark fishing. The reliability of its lines has to be seen to be believed. The Connect + is a full range of dedicated carp lines for every situation and there are four options. The first is a high-performance fluorocarbon. With virtual invisibility and super sinking properties, the fluoro is really limp on the spool, improving casting, something that is often a stumbling block of monofilament. There are two monofilament lines in the range too, a dark brown and a green to account for different water clarities. Both sink well, but they score best on their slick finish that delivers great casting ability. Berkley has also managed to reduce the stretch of the mono to make it much more sensitive. This improves bite indication and sensitivity when feeling the lead down. The Connect + also features a Dyneema braid. With a super-thin diameter for ultimate long-range casting, coupled with a strength-to-diameter rating that is simply unachievable in mono lines, it is perfect for spodding or as a main line when faced with long-distance casting or demanding snag fishing.

THE VERDICT A dedicated carp line range from Berkley, it ticks every box.


Price: CB2000 Braid 900m £89.99 CM70 Brown Mono 1,000m £12.99 CM90 Green Mono 1,200m £19.99 CF600 Fluorocarbon 1,200m £49.99