These purpose-designed zig hook baits are well worth a go. They’re just as buoyant as rig foam but they’re impregnated with highly soluble attractors in a range of flavours.

The choice of colours is also spot-on, featuring solid colours like yellow, brown and black, as well as a host of two-tone colorations that offer something a bit different. Designed to play on the carp’s inquisitive and sometimes opportunistic nature, there are four flavours to choose from: Pineapple & N’Butyric, Raspberry & Black Pepper, Shrimp & Larvae and Krill & Pellet.  Another great touch is that each pot contains a variety of sizes, making them more versatile in terms of hook size and the angling situation in general. There are loads in each pot and they’re great value too.

Price: £2.99

Contact: 01473 730246