Spodding at range is never an enjoyable experience but this reel makes life a lot easier.

The first thing that I noticed after spooling it up with braid is how good the line lay is. Thus, the braid flies off the spool effortlessly and adds vital extra yards. Although the spool has two line clips I prefer to use just the round one because it is very kind on the braid. With the fast 5.1:1-ratio smooth retrieve I can also whizz my spod back in double-quick time. A godsend when rushing to beat the darkness when every second counts!

Spodding bait, and in particular particles, is always a messy job and both rod and reel end up getting plastered in spod mix. I’m not one for cleaning my gear, so for the reel to be running as smoothly a couple of years after this abuse is testament to the build quality.

I now have this reel on my marker rod as well.

A couple of years ago I used to make do with a standard big-pit reel for my spodding, but I’m glad I upgraded to the tool that’s made for the job.

Daiwa Emblem Spod Reel
RRP: £159.99