Adam says: I have been the proud owner of a set of 12ft 3.25lb Daiwa Infinity rods for seven years and absolutely treasure them. In fact, I have owned and used Daiwa rods ever since getting my first set of Whisker blanks around 1988; in my opinion they are some of the finest blanks around.

Back to the Infinity, and the only change I made to my original set was to custom fit some full-length cork handles – a little more to my taste than the abbreviated factory finish.

The great thing about these rods is that they are so versatile – they have served me well in a wide range of situations, from long-range work at Wraysbury through to stalking big fish right against the bank. If ultra-long-distance fishing is more your thing then I would suggest opting for the same blank but in a higher test curve.

The thing I like most is that these are true player’s rods. Subduing a frisky carp on them is one of the greatest pleasures in carp fishing and if you have only been used to poker-like broom handles then, believe me, these will put a big smile on your face.

Fitted with ‘sensible’ rings (is there really any need for 50mm butt rings?), the blank is light, incredibly responsive and capable of handling a range of situations. Is there anything more to ask of a carp rod? I don’t think so…

RRP: £330