Deeper Fishfinder

The Ultimate Marker Float. ACF’s Pete McKenna explains why the new DEEPER fishfinder has unlocked a whole new dimension to accurate feature finding…

Fishfinders incorporating sonar technology have been around for quite a while, but nothing quite like this new offering from Deeper.

The first thing that stands out is that it’s designed for casting into the lake. You don’t have to own a boat as well just to get your device to where it’s needed.

Inside the floating black ball is a whole new realm of technology designed to provide accurate, tangible information to help the angler. Sonar waves are emitted through the water column, which record things like the depth, water temperature and detailed contours of the lake bed.

This is where things get really cool. There’s no add-on handset to display the findings, it all goes through your smartphone or tablet. Simply download the app and all the data you need is sent straight to your device, from the fishfinder floating on the water. You can chuck this out and manipulate its position with the rod and line, just like you would a normal float, then simply take out your phone and absorb the information and detailed map being displayed. Brilliant!

It’s also got the shape and enough weight to comfortably chuck it 100 yards on most average setups. A word of warning, though; use a shockleader because you don’t want to be cracking off nearly £200 worth of brand-new technology! That would be a wallet burner to say the least.

The device is also capable of picking up the fish themselves. It’s up to you whether that’s acceptable in an angling situation or not but, regardless of that function, the advantage of the topography map and other information is surely going to be a big edge. Forget about marker floats and hours of painstaking data recording to get an idea of the lake bed, simply cast one of these out and get a detailed view in seconds!

The Deeper fishfinder is fully compatible with the latest Android 2.3+ and iOS 5.0+ operating systems.

A revolutionary advancement in feature finding!

Price: £170



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