The ES Indication Set is actually two products in one. It includes an ES NiteLite Pro indicator and an ES DuoCarb arm.

They have been designed to be used together in all conditions but it still allows the ES NiteLite Pro to be used as a free-hanging bobbin if required. This system allows you to fish both the standard bobbin setup and fish a slack line without the danger of having your bobbin getting tangled in your slack line.

The ES NiteLite Pro is compatible with all the Plus range of Delkims. It replicates all the bite-alarm features and has a built-in LED. It requires no batteries because it runs off those in the alarm head.

The head is attached to the line via a patented integral magnetic ball clip, which has a very smooth line release.

The ES DuoCarb Pivoting Hanger Support is 102mm long and it is there to stabilise the ES NiteLite Pro bobbin so that you can fish with slack lines.

Price: £32.49

Contact: 01234 721116