With a variety of sizes in one pack, this ESP sweetcorn gives you the option of critically balancing a plethora of rigs, or using the right size grain on its own to create the exact presentation that you’re after.

A single large grain mounted sideways on a hair, with a shot on the hair below it, disguises most of a size 8 hook and is a setup that’s worked well for me.

Recesses in the corn allow the hair stops, which are supplied, to sit flush with the edge of the corn. It’s a small point, but on waters where crayfish are present this makes the hair stop almost impossible for them to remove, which, annoyingly, they can be rather adept at.
It’s a simple little product, but an excellent one, and great value given that one pack will last a lifetime… providing you don’t lose the grains.

Jon Bones

ESP Buoyant Sweetcorn
RRP: £1.95