A popular way to fish that has seen me have very successful sessions is with luncheon meat. You can pick up various tins of plain luncheon meat from less than £1 up to £3 or £4 for enhanced fishing meats.

I tend to fish with 8mm cubes, using a special meat cutter that you can get from most tackle shops for around £20. They are available in a few sizes.

I always run my luncheon meat under hot water for a minute or two and try to get as much of the fat/jelly off as possible.

You can fish luncheon meat straight out of the tin but there are lots things you can do to enhance it.

1. Put your plain tin of luncheon meat through the meat cutter (or use a knife to cut it into small squares). Pour a 500ml bottle of regular Coca-Cola into a saucepan and bring it to the boil. 

Tip your luncheon meat cubes in and simmer for five minutes. Drain it off and it’s ready to use. It can be frozen for future use.

2. Again put your plain tin of luncheon meat through your meat cutter. Place the cubes into sandwich bags, no more than half full. Now tip between one and four teaspoons of a powdered flavouring/spice/groundbait of your choice or 50ml of a liquid flavouring.  

Carefully blow into the bag to fill it with air and twist the opening closed. Gently shake and turn the bag for a few minutes to ensure that all the pieces get a good covering of the powder. 

Tie the bag off and leave in the fridge overnight. You can fry the luncheon meat later for a few minutes to give a tough outer skin and seal in the flavours. You can use almost any liquids or powders but some of my favourites are curry powder, chilli powder, turmeric, baby-milk powder, strawberry milkshake syrup, honey, golden syrup and hemp oil.

That’s two methods I have done very well on but the following is my all-time favourite and has resulted in me catching over 200lb of carp in a four-hour period.

You will need three tins of luncheon meat washed under the hot water, a bag of breadcrumbs (Bait-Tech does a very nice bag of golden crumb at a pretty reasonable price), a meat cutter and a blender.

Firstly, take one tin of luncheon meat and put it through your meat cutter. Transfer into sandwich bags and set them aside.

Take your other two tins of luncheon meat and, widthways, cut into about eight slices of equal thickness. Place two slices into your blender and blend on full power for 30 seconds. Add 40g of breadcrumbs and blend for about two seconds.

Adding the breadcrumbs not only adds attraction and bulk but also helps to separate the meat and stop it sticking together so much.

Tip the contents of the blender into a bait box. Repeat the process until you have done all the slices of meat.

This should give you enough groundbait for four to five hours. Do not overfeed this groundbait or you won’t get any bites. You must use the same meat on the hook that you blended because the fish will be actively searching it out.

I hope this has given you a few ideas and helps you get a few extra bites.

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