Launched at the start of 2012, this is the most comprehensive range of bankware I’ve ever come across.

Every conceivable bankside setup is covered and, best of all, many of the items can be tailored to different setups. For example, a conversion kit allows you to set up all of the buzz bars in either a goalpost or single-stick arrangement. These, along with the banksticks, are also compatible with the pod frame and stage stands because the entire range works together as a complete system. This limits the amount of kit you need to carry, and buy, to have every situation covered. Further still, whether you fish with your reel handles folded or not, the adjustable buzz bars can be altered to suit both styles. Okay, so kitting yourself out with the full range isn’t cheap, but because it’s a complete system you can buy bits and pieces as and when they’re needed, gradually building the system and spreading the cost.

For the tackle tarts among us, you can’t help but admire the discreet styling – I certainly think it looks great. The streamlined look is helped by the lack of thumbscrews, with the buzz bars and banksticks being adjusted via a locking collar. A flat edge to the insert prevents the inner bar from twisting, but I have found that the collars are difficult to screw up really tight when they’re close to the ground – the ones on the banksticks that is, when the sticks are pushed right in. It’s not so much a problem as an observation.

Constructed from chunky aluminium, it’s extremely lightweight and tough and I must say that I have been very impressed with the range thus far.

Jon Bones

RRP: Banksticks from £9.99; buzz bars from 24.99; stage stand £14.99; stabiliser £11.99; snag ear £12.99; rod pod £134.99; accessories from £2.99