These are the best-performing alarms that Fox has ever produced – and by some margin. The signal strength is second to none. Even with substantial obstacles between you, with the receiver, and the alarm, the receiver will pick up every single bleep.

The receiver’s battery life is vastly improved from previous alarms, easily lasting 48 hours’ constant use. Should it run out mid-session, though, it is supplied with a car charger and a mains charger. The volume on the alarm head can be turned off so that the only noise made is that from the receiver.

What you’re getting with an NTXr is an alarm head that you can tailor to your preferences and then adjust if you fancy a change. The multi-colour LEDs allow you to change their colour at the push of a button. There’s a nightlight, a dull-glow from the LED, which automatically triggers once the light levels drop; a feature that you can disable if you wish.

A word of advice, the battery covers are secured by two Phillips-head screws because this is apparently the best way to ensure that the casing remains waterproof. This isn’t an issue, unless your batteries run out mid-session and you don’t have a screwdriver with you. A small one is provided with each alarm, so keep these handy and a spare in your car just in case.

I have had a problem with one of the alarms, in that it wouldn’t turn on. It’s a rare glitch, but simply removing the batteries for a couple of minutes before replacing them resets the alarm. In fairness only one of my alarms has done this once. Other than that, they haven’t missed a beat.
Admittedly, the looks of the NTXrs aren’t for everybody, but let’s get it right; even if you don’t think they look the part, first and foremost, you are buying them to do a job; one that they perform impeccably.

Jon Bones

Price: Alarm £199.99; receiver £199.99; three-rod presentation set £799.99; four-rod presentation set £999.99