Fox RAF Help For Heroes

The annual Fox RAF Help for Heroes fundraiser turned out to be another extremely successful event with over £1100 raised so far!

In conjunction with Fox International and supported by Mainline Baits the RAF carp anglers’ utilised Fox’s corporate venue in Essex to host the event. The deal was simple the RAF lads provided some hard maintenance work around the venue (mainly constructing a new swim) and in return Fox would donate tackle items to auction off and also donate £10 for every carp caught during the week.

As usual, Mainline did a sterling job coping with the lads bait orders prior to the event and they certainly put it to good use, landing a staggering 41 fish over the five days! The average size was 29lb, and the biggest of the trip was a magnificent 35 pounder, which was caught by Fox RAF newbie Steve Cavanagh from RAF Marham in Norfolk.  

With plenty of sand and gravel and enough sandbags and telegraph poles to construct their own Forward Operating Base, the lads set about the task immediately; the sooner the swim was built the sooner it could be fished! After two days of chopping, chipping, bagging and barrowing the new swim was ready for action. Following some heavy negotiations with Shaun and Scott from Fox, the swim was aptly named RAFA’s (far more inventive than the New Swim). The Head of Fox RAF, Carl Hoyle commented: “Fox International have been extremely generous sponsors of RAF carp angling over the years and this event gives the lads a great excuse to repay them collectively and also raise funds for a cause extremely close to our hearts.”

For more information on RAF carpin’, log onto their Facebook page or check our their website,


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