Fox Royale Classic Bivvy

Fit For A King! Modern bivvies have to keep you warm and dry, yet be strong enough to withstand the harshest of weather. Tim Hodges casts an eye over the new Fox Royale Classic.

My first impression of this bivvy was that it should cost more than it does. The new Fox Royale Classic has a host of features that usually only come with shelters costing considerably more.

It is constructed from hard-wearing, breathable fabric, which helps solve the condensation issues that can occur on some shelters.

The two-rib design keeps the weight down without unduly affecting its strength and it has a built-in porch to help protect you from the elements.

Also supplied are the frame support for extra stability and a heavy-duty groundsheet, which helps prevent dampness getting to everything that’s on the floor. In fact, during the colder months a groundsheet will stop damp getting to the underside of your bedchair; this makes a really big difference.

It features mozzie-mesh panels, which help with ventilation and, obviously, keep the mozzies at bay.

Also included in the package is a clear PVC door panel. If you wish, you can roll the front up to make an open-fronted shelter.
For those longer sessions, or for when it gets colder, there is an overwrap available for a small extra cost.

For such a compact bivvy it is very spacious inside, so you will not feel cramped.

I believe that the Fox Royale Classic will be a very popular choice with carp anglers of all abilities.

A whole lot a bivvy for not a whole lot of money.

Price: £169.99



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