The Warrior range of rods from Fox keeps getting better. Tim Hodges takes a look at the new Fox Warrior S50.

Warrior rods have been around for years, and the reason for this is quite simple; they have always been very well- designed rods at a more than sensible price.

In life we have to make decisions about what we spend our hard-earned cash on. I am sure that all of us would spend more money on our tackle if we could afford to, but unfortunately life is just not as simple as that.

It is testament to the research that Fox has put into the Warrior range
that has made them stand the test of time. Considering their price and the performance they offer I’m surprised that they don’t sell a rake more of them.

What do you really want from a rod? Can it cast a baited rig to wherever you want it? Is it powerful enough to play and successfully land the size of the carp that you are likely to hook? Does it look good?

The Warrior S50 12ft 3lb ticks all these boxes and does so at a very competitive price. Most anglers should be able to cast over 100 yards with the Warrior S50 with ease and an accomplished caster should be able to hit well over 140.

There is plenty of power in the butt section to help you launch a lead to the horizon or cast a heavy PVA bag, yet the tip section has enough give to help avoid those annoying hook-pulls under the rod tip that some rods that are designed for long-range fishing suffer from.

Based on my experience of different types of carp rods, I would confidently expect to be able to bully a big carp out of snags with the Warrior, but still enjoy playing smaller carp that are very lively.

With regard to aesthetics it is difficult to find fault in the blank or the cosmetics. In fact, if you are sat behind three of these you will at least look the part, whether you are a novice or a seasoned carp angler. Just remember that a fishing rod is just a tool; the carp do not care how much your rods cost.

The Warrior S50 is built with quality SLIK guides with a 50mm butt ring and a high-quality reel seat, while the line clip has been CAD designed to avoid any line damage.

It has very understated cosmetics, which help maintain the illusion that this is a far more expensive rod.

In my opinion, if you choose to spend more money on a set of rods then you are more than likely doing it purely out of vanity, not because you are getting a better rod.

A stunning rod for the money.

Price: £79.99