ACF takes a look at two of the best lines on the market, offering superb features and prices to match.

Ateam of expert anglers was summoned to create the ultimate line. After years of manufacturing and distributing some of the very best line on the market, Gardner has now included two incredible additions to its range.

First up is the Pro Carp. This premium-grade copolymer main line has been designed to give the angler a top-performing line at a lower price than its competitors.

The ‘Mist Green’ colour blends in to many bottoms perfectly, offers ultra-high abrasion resistance and superb knot strength. What’s more, it sinks like a brick, following the contours of the bottom, thus making the fish unaware of your presence.

If that wasn’t enough, the 12lb version only has a 30mm diameter, making it a fantastic casting line.

Pro Carp is available on a 1,470m spool of 10lb line, 1,320m of 12lb and a 920m spool of 15lb and despite the superb features, a price of only £9.99 makes it nothing less than a bargain.

Second up is the fantastic GT80+. This is the evolved machine from the original GT80. It offers everything that you could ever ask for in a line to control a big fish.

Gardner has included a heavy sinking additive that ensures that GT80+ is one of the, if not the, fastest-sinking monofilaments on the market.

The smooth finish ensures that casting is an easy and comfortable experience. This also contributes to helping you tie such neat knots that possess ultimate strength. It is slightly thicker in diameter than the Pro Carp, due to the extra security that has been put in place. Any residing obstacles that may lie in your way in the lake are put to the back of your mind, with the GT80+ giving the highest amount of resistance possible.

Pro Carp £9.99
GT80+ £18.99

At a glance:
Highly abrasion resistant
Superb knot strength
Low diameter
Smooth finish makes casting a pleasure
Made from a copolymer formula