Having used the Ultra Skin exclusively for the last few months, I have had plenty of time to put it through its paces, using it on my favourite combi link. It’s surprisingly thin for its breaking strain and the coating has a lovely colour match.

I am hugely impressed with this hook link material. I have used it in the two breaking strains and the 15lb is good for smaller hook baits thanks to it suppleness. When accompanied with a slow-sinking bait I am able to reduce the chance of tangles.

My recent boilie fishing has seen me increase the breaking strain to the 25lb version. I have been fishing long range with it with next to no tangles. It allows me to fish how I want with no worries that my rigs aren’t presented. So performance-wise I am really happy.

The hook link strips easily yet remains intact when you tighten down a knot. The inner core is made from a super-reliable braid that provides suppleness, yet the weave is nice and tight, preventing fraying. I am yet to find a hook link that will replace the Ultra Skin.

Price: £14.99