Gigantica Kicks Off!

Carp Mecca springs into life.

French carp bagging Mecca, Gigantica has well and truly sprung into action in recent weeks. The poor weather conditions through the spring really set the fishing back. The fish spawned later than expected and, as a result, it confused their feeding patterns. However, it is clear that they have well and truly got it out of their system and are now on the feed.

The latest catch reports show that nearly all the fish being caught are now on the bottom and over bait. Whereas, in previous months, zig rigs have been more successful, and only very occasional fish have been caught off the bottom.

Over the past week there has been a staggering 37 fish been caught, from swims scattered all over the lake, which is always a good sign. It clearly shows they are on the move and searching for food.

The majority have been caught over a scattering of Mainline Hybrid bait, fished on the clear areas where the bailiffs have advised the anglers to fish. Banoffee Wafters, made famous by Danny Fairbrass, has been the most successful hook bait.

It’s hard to believe that with fish being caught like this on a weekly basis that there is still availability through the year. Please contact Jon Mann on 01268 820440 for a full list of availability for the rest of 2013!


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