The flexibility of the material on these Stratas makes them the ideal waders when you need to be living in them

Max says: My fisheries-management background has definitely given me the opportunity to test out waders in rather demanding conditions.
I have tried many varieties, and love wearing breathable versions. In my case, I simply put them on and tie up the boots and wear them until I arrive back at the car at the end of the session.
Two simple adjustable straps allow you to set them fully to your comfort, while neat touches such as the tight waistband prevent water ingress should a bit of water make it into the top of the waders.
Due to the nature of the lake I was fishing, I actually slept in these, minus the boots. I was more than comfortable and I could get to the rod quickly when I had a bite.
Finally, a pocket allows you to store any essentials, such as car keys and the like, safely without fear of them getting wet.
The wading boots are also essential for this system. Simply clip them onto the waders and you have heavy-duty boots that give you superior grip on the lake bed, but also make walking long distances in the waders a doddle.
Price: Waders £169.99; wading boots £99.99