Massive fish sets new Gigantica record.

Rowan Hill has banked the aptly named Giant from Gigantica fisheries in France at a massive 92lb. Details are not yet known on what he caught the fish on, but we do know that the colossal creature sets a new venue record for the venue – and could one day threaten the world record.

England carp team member, Jake Wildbore commented: “This really is a colossal capture. For a fish to pack on as much weight as this fish has in the space of 12 months is quite incredible .  The last time the fish was captured was last july – and it weighed 80lb, meaning that it has clapped on over 12lb in just over a year. This really is testament to the quality of the water, and the bait that the fish are being fed on.”  

Gigantica is owned by Korda boss Danny Fairbrass, more information can be found by logging on to: