Karl says: “Vast was the first thing that came into my head when setting this colossal bivvy up.

“Despite its sheer size being as far away from something that I would usually use, this bivvy really does have its uses. When I was asked to test it, I initially wondered who uses bivvies of this size. 

“Setting it up for the first time, it went up remarkably quickly. The frame and design is the same as the popular three-ribbed, peaked bivvy and simply flew up, without any assistance. The heavy-duty groundsheet should take a beating too. There is a winter-skin option available for the colder months if you wish and the peaked design will create a porch area, or an extension on the front if you roll the front of the bivvy up.

“If you take partners, friends or children fishing with you then, believe me, there is more than enough room to set up two large bedchairs and fit lots of gear in too. With 10,000 HH 210D nylon material PU coated, a three-door option, a carry bag substantial enough to fit the bivvy back into, and two rod straps on the front, it is not short on features.

“In the warmer months you can roll the whole front up or just open the vents. Combine this with opening the two large rear vents and you have a very airy, open shelter.

“Weighing 12.5kg this is not particularly light. It’s not something that I would use for all of my fishing, but for long sessions, trips abroad or sharing your living quarters with others, it’s more than adequate. I would even go as far to say that I enjoyed the extra space, and I did not think I would be saying that.”

Price: £289.99

Website: www.uk.purefishing.com