JRC Radar DS3 Alarms

Having reliable bite alarms with all the features that you require is very important. ACF editor Tim Hodges sees what the JRC Radar DS3 alarms and receiver have to offer.

With all the modern technology available to bite-alarm companies it has enabled them to manufacture alarms that are packed full of features that can aid bite indication for carp anglers.

The JRC Radar DS3 is one such alarm, which is packed to the gunnels with technology and features that only alarms that cost considerably more have to offer.


1. Ultra-bright LEDs that can be changed into six colours.

2. Smart LED column with the light latching for 30 seconds at the top to indicate a run and at the bottom to indicate a drop back.

3. There is a Lighthouse function on the back of the alarm, which helps you navigate your way back to your swim when using a boat in the dark.

4. Stepless volume and tone regulation.

5. Precise sensitivity of line control from 3.5 millimetres to 15 centimetres.

6. Low-battery warning and anti-theft system.

7. Double-sealed electronic parts make the alarms weatherproof.

8. Power-out sockets to connect LED indicators.

9. Integrated stealth mode that switches off all sound.

10. Soft, anti-slip rod rest.

11. Manually controlled night-light function.

12. Light intensity system allowing you to adjust the brightness of the LEDs.

13. Six-channel DS3 receiver with a vibration function and neck strap.

So, if you want an alarm packed with modern technology with an abundance of features, that will aid you in your carp-catching quest then it’s difficult to see how you could not consider these alarms when you’re next upgrading.


This is a bite alarm packed with features. It won’t catch a carp for you, but it will let you know when one has picked up your rig so that you can react.

Price: £399.99
Website: www.jrc-fishing.co.uk


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