Affordable, yet a strong performer, the Mitchell Avocast has all the credentials of many more-expensive big pits on the market. MAX HENDRY gives it the once-over.

Line lay and the slow oscillation of the Avocast are the first evident features after one turn of the large, rubberised handle. Couple this with a large spool and you have a reel that has brilliant long-distance-casting credentials but not with the extortionate price tag. On the spool, two spring-loaded line clips and a tapered lip further benefit the angler in stages of the cast.

Mitchell has long been regarded as makers of fantastic surfcasting reels so their durability is exemplary, especially as they have to deal with saltwater; a demanding test for any reel. The graphics have been afforded close attention as well. With minimal logos and a gunmetal finish, the reel fits in nicely with current trends in the carp market.

This is a solid-feeling big pit with great line lay and nice detailing for just under £80. It’s certainly well worth a look for a spod or marker reel, too.

A top performer with a brilliant price tag

Price: £79.99