Geert Ooms has landed one of his target fish, this impressive 60lb-plus dark mirror.

The fish was taken using Solar Tackle’s new Seafood Take-Away boilies. Geert takes up the story: “With a two-day spell of warmer weather set to break the monotony of the wet, cold weather in Belgium I was itching to get out to my target water. Unable to get the time off work, though, it wasn’t until the day after this warm spell that I could eventually head out. Even so, I was sure that the warmer weather over the previous days would have an effect on the fish, so I was confident.

“Heading to the lake after work, I wasn’t in a rush as I knew that somebody had been in the swim I planned to fish for the past couple of days but hadn’t caught, and a couple of hours without lines in the water would do the swim the world of good. Spreading a good amount of Solar’s new Seafood Take-Away around the spots I got the rods in position and settled in for the night.

“It was around midday the following day that one of the rods burst into life and immediately I felt something big and powerful on the other end. After slowly gaining line and getting the fish halfway back to the bank everything went solid. My heart skipped a beat as I knew this fish wasn’t one I could ‘afford’ to lose. With a little persistence it’s not usually a problem to get a fish moving again that’s buried itself in a weed bed, but what this fish was stuck in was no weed bed.

“A full 20 minutes later after pulling from various angles and waiting a while, I gave it one last pull and the line pinged free. The Solar Stronghold 101 hook and 15lb NXT Bullet Braid held firm and a big fish was eventually on its way towards my waiting Bow-Loc landing net. Once the fish passed in front of me in the gin-clear water I knew it was one of my target fish. This particular fish is the biggest one in the lake and sought-after by many anglers.

“After unhooking the impressive, black mirror I hoisted it onto the scales knowing that it’d go over 60lb. The needle eventually settled on 62lb 5oz… One down, one more to go.”

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