Nash Bug Life

Bring your swim to life. ACF’s Pete Mckenna takes an in-depth look at an intriguing new bait concept that’s bound to get you thinking…

Die-hard sceptics be warned, these bait products are genuinely innovative! Those clever lads at Nash have been at it again and the results of their latest creation are certainly intriguing. This isn’t your average plug for yet another flavour of buoyant nothingness; this is some gear that has put fresh thinking into how bait can attract wary carp to your areas. Put simply, this groundbait makes a lot of noise underwater. There are many opinions to suggest that carp are attracted by the noises made by other carp feeding; whether this is vibration emitted by crunching snails, or the turning over of stones on the lake bed. In theory, the noises made by Bug Life are very similar and therefore it could well induce the same response.

Although that makes a lot of sense, there is no conclusive evidence to suggest that it will. One thing is for sure, though, which is also Bug Life’s innovative trump card, and the reason behind its name. This is the first groundbait ever that’s specifically formulated to attract the ‘naturals’ that carp and other fish feed on. In terms of originality, there can be no denying that this is a revolutionary concept for attracting fish to your spot. It’s certainly the first to be brought to market anyway, and is set to take it by storm.

All carp feed on naturals, so attracting hordes of them onto your baited area is surely going to make that particular dining table extremely appealing. As for fish that have seen many winters and plenty of angling pressure, some are even believed to avoid anglers’ baits altogether. This could just grab their attention.

There are many groundbaits that claim to be ‘active’ and this is true to a certain extent. Bug Life takes this to another level, fizzing, cracking and crunching intensely for around half an hour. In fact, the effect is very similar to what popping candy does inside your mouth. The mix also contains loads of small bits and pieces with variable buoyancies, which will rise and fall, attracting fish throughout the water column far and wide.

It’s not just about this multi-dimensional ‘active’ pulling power, though. The wide profile of soluble ingredients guarantees nutritional value to match its attraction, with milk products, cheeses, squid, mussel, essential amino acids, vitamins and herbs and spices all adding food value and vital trace elements.

To summarise the scenario being created, Bug Life attracts carp through all their senses but also pulls in loads of the aquatic life that they naturally eat.

Nash’s own Alan Blair has been using this to great effect on a huge inland sea, which we featured in the April issue. Incidentally, it contains more natural critters than most and I watched him wade out to bait his area by hand, introducing around 1kg of bait in ball form. By the time he’d returned to the bank, it was obvious that there was lots of activity on his spot. The water surface started to dimple like a bubbling cauldron and a minute later a flock of seagulls were dive-bombing the area to gorge on the shrimps.

This was certainly proof that the mix does create this spark at the bottom of the food chain, which in turn attracts all the other links in the chain to the same spot. Looking at Alan’s captures from the vast pit, it’s clear to see that Bug Life is doing the business. Not only that, it does what lots of products have failed to – put new life into carp-bait thinking!

The Verdict:
A revolutionary carp attractor that doesn’t need to be used in large quantities to be effective.

The Numbers:
£14.99 per 1.7kg bag (includes 125ml glug)



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