Customise a set of Nash Tackle’s best-ever rods online before having them built to your exact specifications.

The back end of 2011 saw the release of Nash Tackle’s NR rod range; high-end, high-performance rods developed in conjunction with tournament caster Terry Edmonds.

As you read this, the next stage in the range’s evolution, in a full, custom-build option, is being rolled out to customers. You can now select any of the NR rod blanks and have a set built up to your specifications. You can choose from four handle options; abbreviated, full cork, full shrink-wrap or full Duplon, select the colour of the whippings, choose to include a line clip and where to position it and have Nashy’s trademark ‘back clip’ included on an abbreviated handle to prevent the rods from being pulled off the rest. Further customisation comes from personalised decals, which can include your name, a phrase, or anything you see fit, within reason. It truly is the tackle tart’s dream service, caters for those that are after something very specific and gives you the chance to create the perfect set of rods for you.

So, how do you go about getting a set of NRs customised? Well, you have two options. Your custom-build specifications can be relayed back to the Nash team via your local stockist, or you can build your rods online, and even get a visual representation of what the finished product will look like. Log onto to take advantage of this all-new service.

At A Glance
• Build your ideal set of customised rods online.
• Choose from a range of NR blanks and select your preferred fixtures and fittings.
• Customise the decals; have your name on your rods to help identify them if stolen, for example.
• Brand-new service as of January 2012.
• The NR blanks are Nash’s best to date, offering exceptional all-round performance.


Prices start at £349.99 per rod