Price: Alarms £109.99; receiver £129.99
Max says: Having only owned two sets of bite alarms
during my time angling, I was keen to give the R3s a go. First impressions are that they look brilliant, and once I set them up on buzz bars I was more than happy with their aesthetics. The compressions collar allows you to screw the alarm tightly onto buzz bars, but also allows you to line them up perfectly, which is always hard work. The whole unit has been sealed to provide the best waterproofing possible from the rear battery compartment that is fitted with baffles to prevent water ingress. The rubberised removable snag ears ensure maximum rod security while not looking overpowering to the general aesthetic of the rod. I also liked the bobbin port, which allows you to attach bespoke Nash bobbins to the alarm with the unique screw insert. You can also attach the neat fibre optic cable bobbin that illuminates when the alarm beeps. 
So, after more than 15 nights on the bank with them I really like using them. The conventional roller wheel is as reliable as they come, and with the intelligent microchip can that differentiate between a false bleep and the real thing you have an alarm that only notifies you of fish-feeding activity. The remote is also impressive with its brilliant signal strength. I haven’t used it anywhere near its maximum distance but all indication is referenced straight to the remote with ease. It is also compact, so doesn’t take up much room in my tackle bag. I really enjoy using the Sirens and as yet I haven’t had a problem. I look forward to using them some more in 2016. 


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