Nash Trax Metro Barrow

On first inspection, this barrow appeared relatively heavy. Although this is true when carrying it, when pushing it fully loaded it feels really light. The key is to place something on the front bar that folds down. The Barrowlogix Front Bar Carryall is perfect for this because it neatly fits onto it with the use of a sleeve.

Once this is placed on the front you can push the barrow with total ease. Unlike others that I have used, this one is extremely sturdy when placed back on the ground. That was my pet hate before – walking into a swim and placing your barrow down, only for it to tip over and make an almighty noise.

Although this is specified to be ideal for the angler carrying minimal amounts of gear, ‘session’ anglers can also use it. I have been giving it some real stick, loading it up with 40kg of bait and carrying plenty of tackle and it has been perfect.

What makes this product even handier is the fact that you can take off both the wheel and the handles, making it easy to place in your car. The wheel features a thick tread to tackle even the muddiest of banks that you are likely to face.

A neat little bag is provided to keep essential items such as spare clothes, pegs and suchlike in.

Dan Wildbore

Nash Trax Metro Barrow
RRP: Barrow £164.99; Front Bar Carryall £53.99


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