Keep It On The Level. Tim Hodges looks at a wide, stable bed that you can get perfectly flat, and for only £197.99.

When I was young I was quite happy to put up with some discomfort when I went fishing. However, now that I am old, a good night’s sleep becomes more important.

Originally, bedchairs were exactly that. During the night you would use it as a bed but in the day you would elevate the head section and use it as a chair. These days most anglers have a separate chair for day use, so they don’t need to have a bed that can be used as a chair.

Nash has created the Z Bed, which is totally flat so it has no need to have a hand wheel for adjustment. This means less weight and no awkward, and sometimes uncomfortable, hand wheel in your way, so you will have a far more comfortable night. It is long enough and wide enough so that even the biggest of anglers should be more than comfortable.

All of the legs are fully adjustable and fitted with swivel mudfeet with peg holes to prevent slip on sloping banks. In theory, we should not be spending too much time sleeping but staying up all night is the reserve of the young or the mentally insane. If I don’t sleep well when I’m on a long session I find that I don’t fish as effectively as I should, so a good kip becomes very important to me.

So, if like me you need your sleep, the Z Bed will fulfill your needs.

Perhaps this bed is too comfortable. I might never get out of it.


Price: £197.99