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The Nash Zero Tolerance range is widely renowned for being mega-warm. These are another pair of heavyweights based on thicker brushed polyester. The top has a short zip-up funnel collar with a chin guard that runs over the top of the zip so you never get that cold zip against your skin. It also features cuffed sleeves and ankles and a simple elasticated waist. The material has very little stretch, which again made the collar a little constricting, but didn’t have a major impact on comfort or manoeuvrability of the garment as a whole.

To test the insulative properties of each garment, we measured the cooling rate of a bladder of warm water placed inside the base layer’s top. We filled plastic bags with 500 millimetres of water at 50ºC and used aquarium thermometers to take in-situ temperature measurements of the water in 15-minute intervals, over a two-hour period. The wicking test was performed by dripping a 0.5ml bubble of water onto the material’s surface. We then measured the time taken for the water bubble to be absorbed, become damp and then completely dry.

Test Results Nash lived up to its reputation, with the best insulation properties on test, taking an hour and 45 minutes for the water bladder to lose half of its heat. Simply outstanding on the heat front. however, they performed very poorly on the wicking test! Water initially beaded off the fabric as if they were waterproofs. It actually took two and a half minutes for the water to soak in and then they stayed soggy for ages. If you are likely to get hot and sweaty at all we would not recommend these, but if you are always feeling the cold and don’t particularly sweat much, these are the nuts!

PROS Top-tier warmth.

CONS Poor wicking properties leaving a waterlogged fabric. also made from bulkier material

Price: £34.99

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