ACF takes a look at a revolutionary new three-rod remote alarm system that is not only a sleek, all-in-one unit but kind on your pocket.

Just when you think you have seen it all in the world of bite alarms, something unique comes onto the market.

What makes these new Smart alarms revolutionary is the fact that they are supplied as an integrated three-rod system. Never has an alarm system been encompassed within the buzz bar and this fact alone makes this new concept well worth checking out.

With the current fashion being for smaller alarms, these new Optonics are as dinky as they come because the roller bite-detection system is built into the rod-rest head.

The LED for each alarm is built into the bar and with super-bright blue, green and yellow lights you will never be in doubt as to which head is signalling a bite.

With stainless threads below each head, you have the option of setting up on single sticks, or goalpost style when a more solid setup is required.
So where do the batteries go? Well, behind the middle head is a well-concealed box that houses a single 9V PP3. This powers all three heads and each one links to the receiver, which also comes as part of the package; so no extras to buy.

With only a small antenna on the buzz bar, this is a sleek, all-in-one unit that features a soft-touch, matt-black finish.

The heads can be easily adjusted by the use of touch buttons located on the top of the buzz bar and the whole package is finished off with a briefcase-style carry case.

So there you have it, three remote heads built into a sleek buzz bar, a hand-held remote and a smart case for under £150!

WHAT’S THE COST? £149.99

At A Glance
• Sleek integrated three-rod system
• Compact heads
• Optional setups – single or goalpost
• Super-bright blue, green and yellow LEDs
• Hand-held remote receiver
• Easily adjustable
• Stylish carry case