New boilies tempt 25 kilo carp!

Quantum Radical team angler Patrick Haas has banked a 25kg 700g carp from a French reservoir. He caught the massive fish after an instinctive decision lead him to try something that usually doesn’t work once the colder weather sets in.
He explained: “I visited the reservoir earlier in the year, and ever since that first visit I was dying to get back and try a few things. I finally managed to find time a couple of weeks ago. Once there, I loaded up my trolley with a rod holdall and umbrella, a small dinghy, sleeping bag, bedchair, some food and a couple of kilos of test samples of Rubby Dubby boilies and pulled it to the water’s edge.

Soon, everything was set up and I prepared myself for the marathon waits typically associated with this type of water. Against all carp fishing rules for this time of year, I positioned one rig in just 60 cm of water and scattered ten boilies around the hookbait. This is actually a spring tactic but I did it simply because my instinct told me that it was the right thing to do. Besides good baits, I have always believed that confidence in your own angling ability is the most important element for successful fishing.
Just a few hours later, I found myself in my boat, battling through a rainy night and against a now fierce onshore wind to quickly get on top of a hooked fish. After a few very powerful runs, a large mirror carp slid into the mesh of my landing net.

Having drifted some way from my starting point, I decided to get a closer look at it once I was back ashore, but I could not stop myself from cheering in celebration. The scales showed 25.7 kilograms precisely and a further cheer rang out across the water. My hunch of laying out the rig in the very shallow inlet with just a few, highly attractive boilies, proved to be the right decision.”