I’d like to wager that 99 per cent of people reading this review have a smartphone or tablet device that they take with them on their angling exploits.

I myself have a smartphone and, annoyingly, it’s becoming increasingly important for me to have some level of charge on it for various reasons. Whether I need to utilise my time on the bank to make phone calls, or there’s a stunningly ‘carpy’ shot that needs Instagramming at once, I just can’t let my battery die, no matter how much that notion infuriates me.

I’m a newcomer to the smartphone world and I sometimes wish that I still ran my old ‘dumbphone’, but it simply isn’t the case. Unfortunately, “sorry my phone died” is not a valid excuse for getting to work late after an overnighter on the bank because your alarm has failed to go off!

However you look at it, and whatever your reasons are for needing one, the Powersolve Power Bank is an electronic-device charger to suit all of your needs. It can charge you smartphone five to six times, your tablet device simultaneously, and because it’s finished in an olive green/camou design, it sits perfectly in your tackle bag.

It’s supplied with a USB to mini USB charger cable to charge the device itself and be used to charge many of the smartphones on the market. Due to the different charging port, Apple phones can be charged using their original cable.

The light-up display lets you know how much charge is left on the Power Bank, as well as informing you that it’s charging the connected phone/tablet. The charger is small, light and robust, and at a retail price of just under £55, something that will certainly enable the missus to keep tabs on you, so make sure you don’t forget to take it with you!

Price: £54.95

Website: www.powersolvemobile.com