A lot lighter weight than you’d expect from a rugged pair of boots, but crucially not at the expense of durability.

These are tough from the thick soles, which provide plenty of grip, right through to the stitching and lace eyelets. The hard toes provide much-needed protection when tree climbing, clambering through undergrowth and walking over rough ground, and the tough outers withstand plenty of punishment too.

They’re comfortable, with a padded, cushioned sole and a fitted feel once laced up, quick and easy to get on and off and waterproof. Although they have a Thinsulate lining, it’s relatively thin, but then these are rated as three-season boots and haven’t been designed for use in the depths of winter. From early spring to early winter, though, they’re perfect for the job.

Jon Bones

RRP: £79.99
Website: www.prologicfishing.com