These waders epitomise all of the features that I look for in a set of fishing waders.

The Taslan material is extremely durable and, best of all, exceptionally flexible. Coupled with the tough, rubber boots, you can easily roll these down, ready to jump into at a moment’s notice. You can even pull them up easily with one hand (something that is exceptionally difficult with neoprene waders). Getting them on is made even easier if you buy a size bigger than you would normally. The material also makes these far lighter than most other waders aimed at the carp market.

On the downside, these are not as warm as neoprene waders, which does make a difference when wading in cold water, but this only becomes a concern if you spend prolonged periods in the lake. The flip side, though, is that they’re cooler than neoprene waders in summer.

Dan Wildbore

RRP: £79.99