Dutch angler nets 63-8-0 carp!

Big carp guru Ed Skillz has relived the moment when he banked the 63-8-0 French carp known as Humpy, from the famous Abbey Lakes complex. He is currently working on a new series of videos, that showcase his approach to specimen carp fishing, as part of his www.carpcrossing.com website.

“ I knew I had hooked a big fish, and at first I thought I may have lost it – the line locked up as the fish took refuge in the thick weed. Trying not to panic, I let out some slack line, hoping the fish would fight its own way through the weedbed and come out the other side!

Several minutes later, I felt my dinghy turning. Looking the way that I was being towed, I saw a large dead tree ahead. Suddenly, I was panicking more than ever as the fish seemed ever more determined to reach the snag! I locked the reel tight, jammed the rod between my legs and grabbing the oars I began rowing the dinghy backwards. This truly was man vs carp!

Thankfully, I eventually won the battle, and overpowered the carp. The fish was back in open water and was tiring a little more every second.

The fish rolled on the top, just out of netting range, although my first attempt with the net failed, and the fish made one last dive into the deep. Reluctant to give the fish anymore slack, I pulled again and managed to slip the net under it. The fish was in!

A few seconds to catch my breath, and to give my heart a chance to slow down, I peered into the mesh realised what a beast I’d landed. Rowing back to the bank, the birds seem to be singing a victory melody. What a moment!

The fact that this was a PB made the capture of Humpy all the more special. After taking the pictures, I put the fish back into the water and watched as he disappeared back into the deep. The remainder of the day is still a blur as the images keep repeating over and over again in my head.

It was the first time that I fished the lake and caught the big carp known as ‘Humpy’ on a Fox Warrior S rod coupled with 12000S reel. On the rig front, I used a Line Aligna Adaptor on a size 6 Kuro S4 hook and 25lb Coretex hooklink. I used a 35lb Snag Leader with a 2.75oz Kling On lead. My successful hookbait was an 18mm Mainline Baits Cell boilie tipped with half an orange pop-up.”

This catch and more are on the upcoming new video The Hunt for Carp Part 4, the trailer for which can be viewed by clicking through on the link.