We closely examine the new sk4 XTR range of rods from Sonik. Not only do they look great and perform to perfection, they are light on the pocket too.

The sk4 XTR rods are new for 2013 and include the latest innovation in rod-building developments. The latest generation, or low-resin, high-modulas carbon fibres have been incorporated into the blank to make it slim, sensitive and extremely powerful.

The slick and stylish appearance is instantly recognised and looks like a rod with a much higher price tag. However, the main work and thought has gone in to the performance and, following months of testing, Sonik has created the perfect all-round rod.

The handles are abbreviated and Japanese shrink-wrap has been used for a comfortable grip. A line-friendly clip is built onto the rod and a stylish aluminium end carp sits on the bottom of the rod with an engraved Sonik logo. What’s more, Sonik has put black tyings and metallic red tippings at either end of the handle and logo.

The rods have been tailored to a variety of angling abilities or situations. The test curves run from 2.75lb to 3.5lb, so whether you are fishing under the rod tip or over 200 yards out, there is an sk4 to suit.

For the guys who like the advantages of the 50mm butt ring, the 3, 3.25 and 3.5lb test curves are available to gain you a few extra yards on the cast. With it being 10mm larger than a standard 40mm, the line goes through the rings much easier, causing less friction when the lead is on course to its watery destination.

For those seeking a rod with outstanding power, speedy tip recovery yet is supple and forgiving under the tip, then the 13ft, 3.5lb model boasts every attribute required.

RRP: 40mm rods £189.99; 50mm £199.99; 13ft 50mm £209.99

Contact: Your local Sonik Sports stockist

Website: www.soniksports.com