“The bait release of 2016.” With years of testing behind the scenes, June 16th will see the Manilla bait range being unleashed to the public.

With some truly sought-after carp already caught on it, it’s sure to be the bait of the year for anglers up and down the UK.

There was a huge demand for Sticky to bring out a nut-based bait but it wanted to do it right. After sourcing high-quality ingredients such as the unique peanut protein, that has been partially defatted to improve its nutritional profile, and adding it to milk proteins and bird foods, along with Madagascan vanilla, it makes for a creamy smell and taste with brilliant digestibility for year-round use. Sticky believes that a bait containing lots of ingredients is much more effective than just a couple of select constituents, so this bait has huge variety to it, which is probably the reason for its efficiency.

A wide range of brilliant products, including the Manilla Glug and superb Cloudy Manilla Liquid, which tastes fantastic and hugely boosts the attraction of your bait, complements the boilies.

The pellets are also a favourite of ours, with their fast breakdown. They are low oil too, so make a great year-round pellet that contains soluble attractants that work in even the coldest of temperatures. Finally, the hook bait range is extensive, with both matching pop-ups in a variety of sizes. The bright white and yellow ones would prove great visual attractors over a bed of bait. There are also wafters, if you like to fish a bait slow sinking that matches your freebies. If you like making your own pop-ups, you can also get the hook bait kit, which features a step-by-step guide, ideal if you like to make your own cork balls.

Packed with a multitude of ingredients, the Manilla is sure to be many an angler’s favourite this year.


1kg bags from £11.99

Pellets from £4.99

Pop-ups £6.50

One litre of Cloudy Manilla Liquid £8.99

Manilla Glug £8.99


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