At just shy of £70 this sleeping bag is not claiming to be the all-singing, all-dancing bag designed for the Antarctic. However, its performance is far from a budget offering.

As with most dedicated fishing sleeping bags, this one comes with elasticated pouches at each end and a central strap to keep it secured to your bedchair. Although not standout features, they work perfectly well and do the job that they are there for.

I was initially sceptical about the four-season performance that it boasts, though. As winter draws in, bringing the cold weather with it, the bag has really surprised me. The width is generous without compromising on heat retention.

Spending several nights under the stars recently, and despite it being damp and dank, I’ve woken up perfectly dry. I know this will be of little importance to most, who won’t be sleeping without the protection of a brolly or shelter, but if I can wake up dry despite the outside of the bag being wet, then the “showerproof” coating will probably go a long way to keeping it dry if you’re faced with setting up in the rain, for instance.

My exit strategy from a sleeping bag during the haze of a screaming bite in the middle of the night is, shall we say, an event. The crash zips aid my approach and simply tear down without catching when the bag is tugged. The thick, fleece-lined inner is substantially warm for a four-season bag and, coupled with a bedchair cover, I’ll be using mine all year round, come rain, ice or snow.

Just remember to pull the bag closed if the opportunity arises while playing your fish; no-one likes climbing back into a cold bag, new personal best or not!

Price: £69.99