I’ve used this bedchair for something like six weeks now and have been mightily impressed.

Gone are the days of waking up countless times during the night with dead arms and cramp from ending up in uncomfortable positions. There’s plenty of room to move around without it being oversized, so it still fits comfortably inside a shelter. The mattress adds to the comfort greatly. I used to take my sleeping bag just to lie on during the summer but now I take my bedchair cover. With the weather turning colder, though, I will now take a sleeping bag again. Folding a decent one up in the bedchair is extremely difficult but this is not an issue confined solely to this chair. The legs are easily adjustable, which is always a bonus, and a huge improvement on my last chair, on which the legs no longer extended. Given how much bedchairs of similar design retail for, you get a lot for your money.

Dan Wildbore

K Fore Memory-foam Bedchair
RRP: £149.99