Enter The Abyss. We check out the underwater camera that has been causing quite a stir. The Waterwolf is well worth a look if you are after the ultimate in fishy footage.

With anglers investing in underwater cameras to get a better view of what happens below the surface, unlike many, the Waterwolf can actually be used in a fishing situation. There is a solid wire arm on the main system that you attach your main line to. You can have it set at the top of the leader or, if casting isn’t an issue, you can connect your rig to the wire and the camera becomes the point of resistance, much like a lead.

Four hours of HD recording allows you to achieve plenty of footage without the need to change the memory card. It doesn’t look too obvious either, so wary fish will think nothing of it laying on the lake bed. All of the important internal workings are housed in a solid, bullet-shaped package, making it resilient, particularly when cast a long way.

For recording footage, a micro SD card fits right in the main housing for safety. Ultimately, the Waterwolf offers a completely new angle of footage that is rarely seen in carp angling, so if you are keen on capturing your fishing sessions on film, this is well worth a look.

The Verdict
Offers a whole new perspective for angling videography.

The Numbers:
Price: £139.99

Website: www.waterwolfhd.com