One of the UK’s biggest and best-looking commons come to the bank at over 48lb.

One of the biggest and best-looking common carp in the UK has been banked at Norfolk’s Airfield Lakes.Weighing in at 48lb 8oz, the stunning fish known as the Wood Common was caught by Carp TV’s Joe Morgan.

Joe targeted the big common after seeing the specimen during a previous trip to the venue’s Spitfire Pool and confessing to becoming ‘obsessed’ with catching the fish.

Making a hasty return for another session, Joe baited up one of the bays on the intimate 1.5acre water, watching his target fish along with another big common cruising round the area and over his baits from up a tree.

Fishing chod rigs, Joes put his faith in Mainline Cell and a yellow pineapple pop up to tempt the fish. And, after repositioning his rods just before dark it didn’t take long for the common to slip up – with the Cell proving the boilie of choice.

Joe beat his prize using size 5 ESP Stiff Rigger hook tied to a hook link constructed from 20lb Stiff Bristle Filament and using a 2oz lead with 12lb Korda Kontour mainline.

The full footage of Joe’s capture of the Wood Common will be on the December issue of Carp TV.

Scroll down to see the capture of the Wood Common in April last year by venue owner and senior Nash consultant Rich Wilby at 48lb 4oz.