Design Thoughts

Simply looking at this set you can tell that wicking performance is its primary purpose, being produced from a lightweight technical fabric – the same sort that active sportswear is made from. The top has a crew neck and cuffed sleeves, and the bottoms have a boxer-style finish with a waistband and vertical fly. If you get the sizing right they should create a very slick second skin and you’ll be able to slip in and out of your other layers with ease.

To test the insulative properties of each garment, we measured the cooling rate of a bladder of warm water placed inside the base layer’s top. We filled plastic bags with 500 millimetres of water at 50ºC and used aquarium thermometers to take in-situ temperature measurements of the water in 15-minute intervals, over a two-hour period. The wicking test was performed by dripping a 0.5ml bubble of water onto the material’s surface. We then measured the time taken for the water bubble to be absorbed, become damp and then completely dry.

Test Results As we expected, as soon as the droplet touched the material it was wicked away. However, thermal properties were relatively poor. These will be well suited to the highly active angler, especially those who often find themselves overheating and getting a bit sweaty after barrowing halfway round the lake. Not only that but they will still be useful as we head into the warmer months and will stop you feeling absolutely minging when it’s really muggy. Also remember that these are super-thin, so you can always team them up with another insulating layer on top.

PROS Rapid wicking, ultra-lightweight and small pack size.

CONS Least insulating base layers on test.

Price: £33.98

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