Pack Up Your Troubles… but not in your old kit bag. Why not use WYCHWOOD’s EPIC PACKSMART? ACF editor Tim Hodges looks at what it has to offer.

I am not a fan of huge rucksacks, they only encourage me to crowd even more just-in-case items into it, which are very rarely used or needed. To keep the weight down I use a small rucksack and only take what I need.

The new Epic Packsmart from Wychwood is like Doctor Who’s TARDIS. At first glance it looks like a very compact rucksack come backpack, but when you open it out it becomes a whole new beast. It consists of five separate compartments, which have clear plastic tops so that you can see what is in each one.

Because of the way it opens out it is easy to access all the compartments, there’s no delving around into the depths of a murky rucksack trying to find something that’s hiding in a corner. There are numerous zips and HD clips and they all look very robust. So, as long as these are up to the job this is a superb piece of kit for any angler who doesn’t want, or need, to carry the kitchen sink.

A very compact piece of luggage that is bigger than it looks and very well thought out.

Price: £79.99