Karl says: A landing net is a landing net, right? Wrong! Your net is a vital component in landing your quarry. If you want a lasting memory, like a photograph, it’s important that you can rely on your net.

With the impending death of my previous one, I set about replacing it. I have recently had multiple fish in quick succession and the use of two nets was something that I wanted to embrace for fish safety. Many anglers now feel the need for this, which makes nets in the high price bracket unrealistic if you’re purchasing more than one. The Wychwood Solace falls into the mid-range price bracket and is a fantastic option. It is not cheap, unreliable, or overpriced; fancy one?

When the net arrived I was initially surprised at how light it is. It comes with a two-piece handle, which is handy for boat work on weedy venues as well as landing fish from the bank, all in one product. The plastic spreader block is light but strong and has two isotope slots for night use if required. The net is quick drying and the high-flow mesh allows fast movement in the water. I was very impressed when landing fish and the supplied net float adds to its ease of use.

The handle is more flexible than some of the expensive options on the market, but not to a point where I think you’re compromising your ability to land fish safely and effectively.

The Solace landing net offers great value for money at a high performing level; it’s certainly one worth considering.

Price: £49.99

Web: www.wychwood-carp.co.uk