Wychwood Solace 6 Reel

If, like me, you like to have enough tackle to suit every fishing scenario that you come across so that you don’t keep having to change your setup, you should really consider one of these for your stalking kit.

You don’t need to cast very far, so why use a great big, heavy reel that holds a million miles of line? When I am stalking I want to travel as light as possible, so, when it came into the office, the Solace 6 seemed the ideal choice.

It is very compact and it has all the features that you need for carp fishing. It has a free-spool system, which is handy for when you want to put your rod down for a couple of minutes.

It has a front clutch, which I prefer because they always seem to be smoother than a rear version. For those who do want to cast a bit further, the Solace 6 holds at least 100 metres of 14lb line, so you could use it for surface fishing.

It is mostly finished in matt black, which again is very handy when stalking.
The Solace 6 is a well-constructed reel that I have found excellent for stalking and it won’t break the bank, so you too can have a dedicated stalking setup.

It is supplied with two spools and two handles, one single and one double, so you can choose whichever one takes your fancy.

Price: £59.99
Website: www.wychwood-tackle.co.uk


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